Nuez Acres At The Vancouver P.N.E

Nuez Acres At The Vancouver P.N.E

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The Pacific National Exhibition is a nonprofit organization that operates an annual 15-day summer fair, a seasonal amusement park, and indoor arenas in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The PNE fair is held at Hastings Park, beginning in mid-to-late August and ending in early September, usually Labour Day.

What is the difference between Playland and PNE?

Vancouver's amusement park is Playland. Except for the last three weeks leading up to the September Long Weekend, when the venue transforms into the Pacific National Exhibition, or PNE, it typically runs on weekends in late spring and early autumn and everyday throughout the summer.


This year was Nuez Acres' first time attending the PNE. We weren't sure what to expect because the space was a little smaller. Thousands of people from all walks of life attended the event, allowing us to convey the Power Of Pecans and all the benefits of our Vegan Organic Products Made With Pure Pecan Oil. Next year, in 2022, we aspire to be a vendor! The following are some of the best-selling Products from the event.


PNE is a fantastic destination for a family day out. They have food, rides, and activities to keep people of all ages entertained. They have dog shows, dance events, music shows, and a fantastic fire and light show in the late evening during the Fair. They also have a variety of delicious culinary alternatives.

How many rides are at the PNE? (the question you really came for)
Total 39
Roller coasters 3
Water rides 1

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