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Like Father Like Daughter...

Nancy and her partner, Anthony Wingham, co-founded Nuez Acres™ Waterless Beauty. Anthony's innovative vision ignited a new way to showcase the beloved pecan nut, a part of Nancy's family heritage. Together, they birthed Nuez Acres™, crafting natural beauty products from raw pecans. Starting small with body scrubs and face serums, the brand quickly gained recognition.

Their commitment went beyond the brand, striving for fair prices for Nancy's father, local farmers, and the global beauty community. Nuez Acres™ offered top-quality products while supporting Chihuahua, Mexico's farmers. Embracing a waterless beauty mission, they champion sustainability and responsible practices, preserving tradition and advancing an eco-conscious future.

Exploring the Pecan's Rich Heritage: From Indigenous Roots to Sustainable Beauty

Pecans are a unique and delicious fruit with a fascinating history. The word 'pecan' comes from indigenous languages, like 'pigan' in Algonquin, which means 'nuts that need cracking.'

Long ago, indigenous people near the Ottawa and St. Lawrence rivers discovered pecans as a vital winter food source. They didn't plant them; they found them growing wild.

When colonization came to North America, pecan orchards appeared from Ontario and Chicago to Mexico's valleys. This shift happened as indigenous communities were forced onto reservations. Colonization changed not just the population but also food and culture.

During colonization, both indigenous tribes and their beloved pecan trees often faced removal due to expanding settlements and conflicts. Shockingly, it's estimated that up to ninety percent of native forests were destroyed. This not only displaced indigenous cultures but also changed their diets forever.

Today, we honor this traditional nut with a sustainable, waterless approach. Explore our website to find pecan-infused beauty products that celebrate this rich heritage. Join us in preserving the legacy while embracing a sustainable beauty future.

Pecans: Nature's Beauty Secret

Pecans, a hidden gem in skincare, are a powerhouse of natural nourishment. Brimming with minerals, vitamins, and essential fatty acids, they are the perfect ingredient to keep your skin and hair healthy and vibrant.

These wonder nuts are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which not only fortify the skin but also help in achieving a balanced complexion. Pecans bring moisturizing magic to the table with Vitamin E and Biotin, enhancing hair texture, strengthening nails, and even promoting lash growth.

Pecans boast high levels of zinc, a key player in protecting the skin from dark spots and blemishes, while promoting a clear and even complexion. As an eco-sustainable choice, pecans set a new standard in the beauty industry, offering a multitude of nutritional benefits for skin and hair care products. Unlock the beauty secrets of pecans with our eco-conscious products today!

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