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Langley BC, Canada

Langley BC, Canada

Mon- sun, 5am-7pm

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‘Clean beauty’ is more than a motto – it’s our mantra. Nuez Acres harnesses the power of pure pecan oil to nourish skin, strengthen hair, and help you live a healthier life.

Nuez Acres is a female-led, indigenous-owned business that spans generations and connects the entire back of ‘Turtle Island.’ Every pecan is sustainability farmed and hand-picked in my father’s orchard. We export the nuts from Mexico to our processing facility in British Columbia and use a high-end expeller press to create 100% pure, organic pecan oil. Then, we blend them into our nourishing serums, tinctures, and scrubs. Beautiful bottles, organic ingredients, and honest marketing are a wonderful start, but the end result matters most. We create wholesome products that truly heal your skin, rather than just covering it up.

What Is CertClean?

CertClean vets beauty and personal care products formulated without the use of potentially harmful ingredients, such as carcinogens, chemicals that may potentially affect our hormonal system, reproductive system, neurological system, etc.

CertClean is not a certification for products with a certain quantity of natural or organic ingredients but a certification for products free from ingredients that may pose risk to our hormonal, reproductive and or neurological systems, like talcum powder, formaldehyde-releasing preservatives, parabens, sodium lauryl sulfates, and hundreds more. CertClean is a certification which prioritizes human health over the use of organic and natural ingredients.

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