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Cherish Hers Skincare Bundle

Cherish Hers/Them Skin Bundle

This bundle includes the following:

1 x 15ml -Skin Serum
1 x 15m - Repair Serum
1 x 150ml - Pecan Body Scrub ( Assorted Scents)

The perfect collection of Her/Them natural Skin, Repair and Body Care. Skin Serum to keep your skin looking youthful. Advance repair Serum to Keep your Face touchable and Body Scrub to keep your skin smelling good from head to toe. Give the gift they really want

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Customer Reviews

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Julia G.
Supporting Local - Enjoying Great products!

I originally purchased a 15 ml Repair Serum in the Summer at Outdoor market. I loved this product so much that going on line and finding your website to order from was very easy to do. I love everything I ordered. My only suggestion would be the gift box you display, should actually come in the gift box. It was packaged all together with the other items I ordered. I had hoped to give those items included in the gift box as a gift. Very happy with the quality and will definitely order again. Thank you, Julia

Zuzana M.
Absolutely divine. The oils feel

Absolutely divine. The oils feel amazing on my skin. The body scrub is out of this world. It makes my skin feel smooth and it smells heavenly