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Artículo: Swimming & Skin Care

Swimming & Skin Care

Swimming & Skin Care

With the seasons changing and Pools being a main event these days in our household, I find my skin is taking the brunt of it.

Spending 2 hours in the local swimming pool is perfect to get the kids entertained and drained enough to fall asleep (win for mom) I do however feel like my skin and hair are stripped of all the healthy oils I work so hard everyday to maintain.

My skin turns from this luxurious masterpiece to a scaly broken canvas. I am so thankful for my Nuez Acres Products that "REBOOT" my system every swimming outing.

I use the Repair Serum for my skincare reboot to re claim my luxurious skin back, i apply to my face, arms and even my back where I feel the dryness the most. It also help that it is a vegan skin serum & paraben free serum to ensure no more irritation occurs

For my hair I apply the Nuez Acres Hair Serum a wonderful collection of vegan hair products made in Canada to my shower at home after the pool. Applying a few drop to my hands I apply from tip to scalp. My husband uses the Beard Serum when it his turn at the pool.

For my two little fishes (my children) I apply the Pure Pecan Oil After the Shower to help boost their skin back to life. I add a few drops to my hands and massage it into their skin and scalp. No additives or Scents, just pure pecan oil, fragrance free vegan skincare.

The next morning after I go to the pool I always use the Eye Lash Serum, believe it or not eye lashes can get very dried out due to chemicals in water. One application before heading out the door and it looks like i just walked out of a boutique, full of hydration! I believe this is the best vegan eyelash growth serum

These simple applications help me and my family to be able to comfortably spend hours in a pool and continue our daily life without itchy, irritated skin.


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