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Artículo: Beard Oil Skin Moisturizer

Beard Oil Skin Moisturizer

Beard Oil Skin Moisturizer

Upgrade your self-care routine with a natural beard oil that heals with every drop. Organic pecan oil is the main ingredient in this hydrating skin serum, and it’s one of the best-kept beauty secrets. Plus, we’ve added jojoba oil to condition your hair follicles and promote new growth for a thicker, fuller beard.

Argan oil creates a soothing moisture shield, so you can heal dryness and soothe irritation. At Nuez Acres, we’re committed to treating skin concerns instead of covering them up. Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory tuberose oil keeps acne under control for softer, smoother skin.

Made with:

  • Hydrating pecan oil
  • Conditioning jojoba oil
  • Protective argan oil
  • Anti-bacterial tuberose oil

Some Topics That we will be covering 

Argan oil beard balm, have you ever used it before? I find when using a beard balm vs beard oil or beard balm vs oil the biggest difference is the after feel. Using nuez acres beard serum i find my beard naturally smooth not sticky or pasty from a balm. I find using this beard oil skin moisturizer is a 2 punch approach. Not only do you grow thicker and more hydrated hair, you also keep the skin underneath health and free from irritation. We well look at beard serum vs beard oil in future blogs to come

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Affordable Organic Products
affordable organic products

Affordable Organic Products

All Of This packed into an affordable and accessible product we truly stand behind 

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