Nuez Acres® Nourishing Pecan & Raspberry Seed Oil Lip Balm – Natural Hydration for Soft, Supple Lips

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Introducing Nuez Acres® Nourishing Pecan & Raspberry Seed Oil Lip Balm – an all-natural, luxurious lip balm designed to keep your lips soft and hydrated throughout the day. This formula combines nourishing pecan oil, moisturizing mango butter, conditioning beeswax, and lightweight raspberry seed oil to create a quick-absorbing balm that ensures your lips remain smooth and supple. Experience the ultimate in natural lip care with ingredients chosen for their ability to pamper and protect.

Nuez Acres® Nourishing Pecan & Raspberry Seed Oil Lip Balm features a carefully selected blend of natural ingredients to pamper your lips:

Pecan Oil: Delivers deep nourishment and hydration, leaving your lips feeling soft and supple.

Mango Butter: Provides intensive moisture to keep your lips smooth and hydrated.

Beeswax: Conditions and shields your lips from dryness.

Raspberry Seed Oil: Offers lightweight hydration for a comfortable, non-greasy feel.

Achieving soft and hydrated lips is easy with our Nuez Acres® Nourishing Pecan & Raspberry Seed Oil Lip Balm. Follow these steps for best results:

Step 1: Gently Push: Push the bottom of the lip balm tube to expose a small amount of product.

Step 2: Apply: Smooth the balm over your lips, ensuring full coverage.

Step 3: Reapply: Use throughout the day as needed to maintain hydration and softness.

Important Note: This product is not suitable for vegans due to the beeswax content. If you have never used pecans or pecan oil on your skin before, perform a spot test to ensure you do not have an allergy. If you have a tree nut allergy, it is likely you may be allergic to pecan oil. Your safety is our priority.

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