Get On the Pecan Oil Bandwagon before Everybody Else

Get On the Pecan Oil Bandwagon before Everybody Else

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Have you recently been in search of a healthy oil that not only nourishes and takes care of your skin but is also equally beneficial for your hair and body? The Pecan oil by Nuez Acres is one such product that is a must-have for you. It is manufactured using natural ingredients which are free of chemicals and parabens. 

The power of Pecan Oil 

Pecan oil is extracted from pecan nuts and is considered healthy and beneficial as it includes monounsaturated fats, oleic acid and is low in saturated fats. It is rich in Vitamin E and A and also suitable as an oil cleanser or moisturizer, which keeps your skin healthy and glowing. 

Benefits of Pecan Oil for Skin and Body 

1. Prevents skin issues 

Pecan oil helps eliminate toxins and waste from your body so that the skin gets enough nutrition and can be well-maintained while it remains healthy and damage-free. It also reduces breakouts, dullness, and excess oil from the skin and body and is a good source of fiber and zinc. 

2. Clears out complexion

Pecan oil ensures that your skin stays away from any damage and is free from any pores. It includes zinc which fights off any dullness or skin issues and guards the skin against any infection. 

3. Works as an Anti-ageing 

Vitamin A and E fight off the signs of aging and keep the skin as young and healthy as possible. They fight the reasons that cause pre-mature aging and prevent wrinkles and pigmentation.

Benefits of Pecan Oil for Hair 

1. Help with hair loss 

The use of pecan oil helps prevent hair loss and hair damage. It repairs hair breakage as it is a beneficial source of iron which improves and increases the iron levels with regular use. 

2. Improves hair growth 

If anyone is facing decreased hair growth, pecan oil is known for working its magic. It includes amino acid, which battles with bald patches, increases blood flow throughout the scalp, and nourishes the hair roots. 

All of the serums, scrubs and health tinctures by Nuez Acres include pecan oil as a special ingredient that works in the best way for the improvement and well-being of hair, body, and skin. It is one of the best skincare products that you can ever find as they are completely natural and leave behind no side effects. Nuez Acres pecan serums, tinctures, and scrubs are proudly made in Canada. We pride ourselves as being one of the only pecan serum producers in British Columbia, Canada.

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