Nuez Acres

Pure Pecan Oil

Pure Pecan Oil

Introducing Nuez Acres Pecan Oil, the versatile beauty product that is quickly becoming a cult favorite. This luxurious oil is made from organic pecans that are hand-picked on our family farm in Mexico and expeller-pressed to create 100% pure pecan oil. This zero-waste production method protects the nutritional integrity of the oil, so you can enjoy more health benefits. 

Add it to DIY skin care products, massage it into your hair, or add a drop to your morning coffee. This anti-aging oil provides lasting hydration and healing antioxidants with a high dose of vitamin E. 

Made with:
  • Organic, expeller-pressed pecan


     (1 - 2 Year Shelf Life if Sealed and Stored Properly / 6-8 months once opened)**Remember, even if you aren’t eating it, you need to make sure that you aren’t allergic. Especially if you haven’t eaten pecans or pecan oil before, spot test before putting it on your skin. If you have a tree nut allergy, it is safe to assume that you are probably allergic to pecan 

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    5☆ Pure Pecan Oil

    I use a few drops before using a gua sha or a jade roller and my face feels incredible after. Also after any heavy makeup days it feels like it resets my skin, keeping it soft and hydrated!

    So amazing to hear Jess, thank you for sharing this and your support

    Hair and Lash Serum

    Excited to find a natural lash/brow serum that is affordable and effective. Looking forward to trying out your other products 😁

    You are so kind Rachel, we really appreciate your feedback and support!

    Sun Seeker
    Good Moisturizer

    Not greasy once absorbed into skin.

    So amazing to hear!! Thank you so much for your support :)

    I love this oil!

    I apply it before bedtime to hydrate my dry hands. It absorbs quickly, has an ever so delicate scent, and isn’t greasy or heavy at all! In the morning my hands are so soft!

    Lisa! You are so kind. Thank you so much for your support and review, it really means a lot to our team

    Kimberly Toor

    I’m not sure if I see any change or results yet. The eyebrow lash one, definitely has not worked on my eyebrows 🙁

    Thank you for your review Kimberly. We see you have had your products for about 10 days now so please keep up the amazing work and keep consistent with application and you should see some results more inline of your expectations. Please reach out to us if you need any help with application for best results.