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Article: Who WE are!

Who WE are!

Who WE are!

We wanted to welcome you to our site and to our new blog page, where we will be touching on different subjects that we hope will interest you and inspire you. But first, we wanted to introduce ourselves and tell you a little bit more about who we are and why we do what we do!

Nuez Acres was founded with the mission to offer you high quality products that are made with the idea of "going back to basics"; using only organic ingredients to fulfill a purpose. We feel that today, there is a hunger for simple, natural products that have a minimum impact of the environment but a huge positive impact in our lives.

My family has been in the agriculture business in Mexico for many generations. I grew up eating what we planted in our farm, and I remember my mom driving us to the farm to go hand pick our vegetables for the week, spending our days out in the fields. I can tell you, there is something about being in touch with nature that fills your soul. A couple of decades ago, my father ventured in the Pecan Farm businesses, planting over 30 hectares with these beautiful trees! He has always talked about how important it is to feed the trees the right nutrients; nutrients that are plant based and chemical free; to care for the trees with love and patience. I never really understood this until I was an adult, married with children. That was the moment when, my husband Anthony and I decided to use this beautiful product (pecans) that had been grown with so much care and love, and create products that will have a positive impact on peoples health and daily lifes. That's when Nuez Acres was born.

Our products are made 80%-100% with Pecan Oil, which has many benefits for your health! We created our blends using organic Essential Oils that mixed with Pecan Oil, will benefit your health, skin, hair and soul.

We hope that our products will bring you joy and will help you reconnect with nature, healing your body, mind and soul! 


Lola xo


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