How long for a new skincare routine to work?

How long for a new skincare routine to work?

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How long for a new skincare routine to work? How long is to long? Are you looking for your skin to give you a feeling? or for it to have a drastic change? Sometimes understanding "Why?" you need it (skin care) to work so fast is the first step. When we look to others or look at other people to give us affirmation that who we are, how we look or even what our skin looks like will never be fulfilling.

Falling in love with your skin, your body and your mind will give you the time you need to heal and regenerate your entire body. Applying a product such as Nuez Acres Skin Serum should never be about "How quick" will this work, it should be an understanding about healing and regenerating. When you allow products the time to work with consistent application and a well balanced lifestyle, you build the foundation for healthy skin, hair and bodies. 

Changing products after a few days or even a full treatment can sometimes cause more damage then anything. Shocking your skin or hair with a new product introduction could really cause some irrigation or damage. Allowing your skin and hair to adjust inside and outside to a new product is very important.

Some of our customers see over night success (seriously) with a few of our products like Vegan Pecan Repair Serum, Vegan Pecan Hair Serum and Vegan Pecan Body Balm. Some customers start to see results after 3-6 weeks. When they notice the results, it has been when they have allowed themselves the time to allow the product to work like it does so well. Some customers who do not want to apply anything to their skin or hair often go for our Vegan Pure Pecan Oil Tincture or Our KETO Pecan Culinary Oil. Their results often start showing after about 6-8 weeks of again consistent use. Hair growing in areas that it hasn't for years, nails and lashes growing faster, even the digestive system seems to work better many happy customers have expressed. 

While there isn't a set timeline for when a routine should work, we suggest giving yourself realistic goals, ask what you are really want from the product and be consistent. You would be amazed at how big of an impact you have on your skin...

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