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Apply These 6 Secret Techniques To Improve Body Moisturiser

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Body lotion is a crucial component of your daily skin care regimen, especially in the winter when your skin is more prone to dryness and flakiness. Did you know that body lotions may provide your skin with many more benefits than just moisture? A body lotion is quite useful and adaptable, serving as both a shaving cream and a tool to assist you in making a homemade mixture. Want to know more then here you will get to know about how to use your body moisturizer with some quick tips and get perfect results. 

Consider the following scenario: You're attending a conference where the most interesting topics being covered are the anticipated annual turnover and the anticipated market share of a new product line diversification. And suddenly, you get this overwhelming want to scratch that itchy leg spot that has been troubling you since yesterday. It wouldn't appear very ladylike to slink under the table and dig about in your pants. But even when you're asked to provide your opinion on the suggested revisions to the corporate policy about washroom signage, all you can think about is how much you want to scratch. This would have never happened if you had a good body moisturizer or would have used it properly.

Make your scrub

If you don't already have one at home, you may make your exfoliator out of lotion. Transferring a few tablespoons of the lotion to a dish, then mixing in roughly half a cup of sugar—which functions as an exfoliator in this scrub—is all that is required. Once it has dissolved into the lotion, use it all over your body and use gentle circular motions to massage it into your skin to remove dirt, filth, dead skin cells, and other impurities.

Convert it to shaving cream

A lotion forms a smooth barrier between your skin and the blade that moisturizes and lubricates your skin just as effectively as a traditional shaving cream. Simply remove the cream with a cotton cloth after shaving to give your skin a healthy shine. The best thing about this is you will not feel any itching sensation. 

Apply on a warm skin

Before applying lotion, consider dabbing a warm cloth all over your body if your skin is chilly. This essential ingredient for skin care is better absorbed, thanks to the warmth of your skin. This also gives your skin more moisture, which is necessary for the best absorption.

Follow a timetable

Applying lotion to your skin at the appropriate moment is one strategy to maximize its therapeutic effects. And by applying lotion, we don't only mean doing it when your skin is still moist from a shower. To prevent dry skin, apply moisturizing lotion to your skin before working out, after shaving, before going to bed, after exfoliating, and after washing your hands.

Use the right quantity.

Always remember that you must use body lotion in a good quantity. You must use it according to the surface of your body so that it can feel hydrated. Too little amount of lotion will not be able to serve the purpose for you. Make sure you do not take too large amounts and also keep in mind that you are not using too little quantity. 

Mix it with essential oils for a great experience

The best way to use your body moisturizer is to add a few drops of essential oils. Also, it will give you a great fragrance. If you ask the experts, it is best to use lavender oil.

How Much Body Lotion Is Recommended?

Start with a dab of lotion the size of a penny, then add more. All of your body must be covered in body lotion, although certain regions may need more attention than others. The aim is to guarantee that your body feels moisturized and hydrated.

How to Apply Body Lotion Following a Shower

Applying body lotion as soon as possible after taking a shower while your skin is still moist is advised. Make sure a little wetness is left on your skin when you pat it dry with a towel. Now what you need to do is to use your body moisturizer in a circular motion. This will make the lotion get absorbed.   The radiant look of the skin will make you enjoy using your body moisturizer every day. Also, you can pat dry using a towel and the excess amount will get washed off. 


There are several considerations while selecting a body moisturizer. It isn't something that works for everyone. First, consider your skin type before making your selection. Drier skin needs a thicker, more nourishing solution, while oilier skin benefits from something lighter. Finally, it is influenced by the weather. Compared to hot summer days, cold winter days will require a richer lotion. Research and choose the right one to get radiant skin. 

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